CALUMET — A Chevrolet dealership in Calumet recently got new owners and soon it will have a new location.

The south end of historic 5th Street in Calumet has been the destination for those looking to buy a Chevrolet for years.

Starting next year, that will change as the dealership is being relocated to the business strip in west Houghton. Marthaler Automotive of Michigan recently bought the former Kissel Chevrolet and renamed it Keweenaw Chevrolet.

Construction is now underway to move the operation early next year.

Keweenaw Chevrolet General Manager Brandon Schlief said, “The move to Houghton was part of the deal through General Motors when we purchased the dealership that we had to move to Houghton and build a new store.”

The new location will be on M-26 near the Copper Country Mall, but they don’t want to lose any of their current customers from Calumet.

Schlief said, “There are some advantages and, definitely, some disadvantages because a lot of the people that are up north here don’t necessarily want to go to Houghton so we’re going to work on getting shuttle service for service and things like that to get their vehicles to and from Calumet as well.”

Keweenaw Chevrolet is the fourth dealership owned by the company, which includes two other Chevy dealerships and one Ford. Their Houghton location is scheduled to open in February or March of 2016.

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