MARQUETTE — For students the hunt for jobs, internships and apprenticeships is ongoing, and the career services department at Northern Michigan University is trying to make it a little easier. Easier by bringing employers to the students.

Today NMU hosted a job fair where local employers and agencies had the opportunity to recruit students and alumni. The fair allowed attendees to discuss full time, part time and internship opportunities.

NMU Career Services Assistant Director Melissa Sprouse says, “The goal for the event today is not only to help students find jobs, but to provide an opportunity for students to start to talk to employers in different industries and from different areas, to really start to get a chance to, kind of build up our networking skills and build up their ability to job search.”

Sprouse says that they estimate about 400 students attend this job fair each year. This event allows student to network face-to-face, something that is still pretty important.

“It’s really important for them to start to practice those skills. I think that especially now that we’re so used to speaking to people on social media, you know, having that face-to-face practice could be really helpful for students.”

The school will have another job fair in February and host the Upper Great Lakes Collegiate Job Fair in March.

For more information about future job fairs for students and alumni click here.

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