IRON MOUNTAIN — Thanks to donations from the community, a police agency in the central U.P. will soon have a brand new officer.

K–9 Officer Falcon will become a member of the Iron Mountain Police Department near the end of the year. After the need for a local police dog was expressed by the multi–agency KIND narcotics unit, Iron Mountain was chosen to house the canine.

“We actually picked this dog out several months back, and he’s being trained at this time actually by an individual in Ontario, Canada, and Officer Ray — Adam Ray — is going to be our dog handler. He’s going to Ontario in November to work with the dog, and then bringing the dog back in December,” said Ed Mattson, Director of Police and Fire Services for Iron Mountain.

Mattson said the eight–year commitment is a large responsibility for Patrolman Adam Ray, who will be making Falcon part of his family. Falcon will be utilized by police for tracking, drug detection, and handler protection. The acquisition of the canine has been made possible by money raised by the community.

“The entire community came together — from private individuals to businesses — they really have stepped up, and we greatly appreciate it,” Mattson added. “Any more money we raise will be put strictly right back into the dog, into the maintenance of the dog, feeding of the dog, equipment for the dog.”

If you’re interested in donating to help out with Falcon’s care, you can call the Iron Mountain Police Department at (906) 774–1234.

[Photo courtesy Iron Mountain Police Department]

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