U.P. haunted hot spots Part two: Whitefish Point

WHITEFISH TWP — Tonight we make our first stop on our tour of alleged Upper Peninsula haunted hot spots with a local paranormal investigation team. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac has more on some history of a local spot on the water and what the investigators have to say.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum says that thousands of ships have met a tragic end in Lake Superior, and our first alleged U.P. haunted hot spot has claimed hundreds of those. Whitefish Point sits in what most people refer to as the “Graveyard of the Great Lakes.” Now it’s a museum complex with restored buildings and gift shops. The site has several artifacts on display including the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald, a vessel that the lake claimed in 1975. Several workers and guests have reported paranormal sightings.

In an interview with Don Hermanson of Keweenaw Video Productions Tanya Moore shares her ghost story.

Gift Shop Supervisor Tanya Moore says, “I was working here all by myself, and I was in the new gift shop up in the upper level, in the office all by myself, working on the computer and all of a sudden I heard the toilet flush and there was no one around. We have toilets where you have to hold the button down for probably about two to three seconds. So needless to say I knew there was someone there besides myself, and I logged off the computer and left.”

Other incidents include tourists and workers seeing apparitions of a little girls, a woman in a long dress and an apparition who appeared to those who saw her as a Native American woman. After hearing these reports the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society – or U.P.P.R.S. – decided to investigate the site for themselves.

Co-Founder of U.P.P.R.S. Brad Blair says, “Well the history of Whitefish Point is so rich between the shipwrecks, the loss of life that occurred off of that coast, also there have been tragedies on the land there as well. There have been multiple apparitions spotted out there. We’ve been given reports even of ghost ships appearing off the coast, which would make sense given the point’s tragic history.”

Blair says that they collected some compelling data at this location.

“We’ve caught some very strange electronic voice phenomena,” Blair added, “and when we were asking for a final sign or comment we heard a noise through the background. We’ve had the sound of the little girl. We’ve had a strange, what looked like, an energy figure walking up the staircase.”

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