Students ring in homecoming with plethora of events

HOUGHTON — It’s homecoming week at Michigan Tech University. Before the Huskies take on Northwood tomorrow on the football field, ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance has more on the other activities going on around campus.

Homecoming is one of Michigan Tech’s most exciting events of the year. With different activities happening every day, there really is something for everyone.
Students teamed up for waterballoon-dodgeball and tug-of-war to kick off the week.

The Memorial Union board invited comedian Michael Harrison to MC Spotlight Night, a student talent show case. Acts ranging from musical duets to juggling and magic entertained the audience. At the tech trails, dozens of students raced through the woods in a trails relay.

The most popular Homecoming event, besides the pre-game tailgate, are the carboard boat races. Over 40 boats made of only duct tape and cardboard race on the Portage while trying to keep 8 rowers afloat.

The Homecoming Court had a busier week than most preparing for Saturday’s big game where the King and Queen will be crowned. The potential Michigan Tech royalty serve as judges for the cardboard boat races.

Homecoming Queen Candidate Rachel Kloc says, “My favorite part of Homecoming week is all the activities going on. There really is something for everybody. Everybody gets a chance to get involved. Especially with the cardboard boat, there’s the people that want to design it, there’s the people that want to make sure that it floats, there’s the people that want to paint it. There just really is something for everybody and there are activities going on all week long.”

Homecoming King Candidate Sam Richards says, “I think that being such a close community really makes this a huge experience for everbody that is involved. Namely, the alumni because that’s really what it’s all about. It’s about celebrating the past and the present and hopefully the future of Michigan Tech and everybody that’s involved.”

As the week’s events wind down, everyone is looking forward to the Homecoming game which is scheduled for Saturday October 10th at 1 pm.

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