What would happen if NMU had an active shooter on campus?

MARQUETTE — In light of Thursday’s campus shooting at a community college in Oregon, ABC 10 visited Northern Michigan University to see what their game plan would be if a similar situation were to happen on their campus.

NMU Public Safety Lieutenant Ken Love is the training coordinator for the school’s Public Safety Institute. Love says that university police have been very proactive with their training for the last five years when it comes to dealing with a school shooting.

Members of NMU Public Safety even spend time in the classrooms talking with teachers and students to keep them up to date on what to do if an emergency situation arises.

“Most departments in Marquette County at least train once a year for that type of incident,” said Love. “We provide the service training where departments come in throughout the U.P. and they work on the same system so everyone is on the same page.”

To view NMU’s Response Guidelines for an Active Shooter, click HERE.


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