Local shelter optimistic thanks to grant

MARQUETTE — A local domestic violence shelter has recently received a grant from a national foundation.

The Women’s Center in Marquette was one of five Michigan domestic violence shelter to receive a $20,000 grant from the Mary Kay Foundation, and it was the only one in the U.P. The shelter was honored to receive this grant right at the start of their next fiscal year.

Sexual Assault Program Coordinator Amy Bilodeau says, “The Mary Kay grant is going to go a long way to helping make sure our agency has a lot of financial stability and opportunity to continue serving survivors in our community in the upcoming year, so we’re really grateful and thankful that we were selected as one of the shelters.”

The organization is allowed to use the grant money for what the need to from operations to programming.

Bilodeau says, “It’s really exciting to be able to start this new fiscal year with a sense of optimism and a lot of support from the Mary Kay Foundation, and lots of local support, too, from community granters as well, which we always appreciate, just because it’s a great way to show the community how much our agency is needed and that we’re able to confidently provide a lot of great services.”

Bilodeau says that this grant is an acknowledgment of all the work that the Women’s Center tries to do for the women and children in the community.

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