MARQUETTE —  A local fitness center is holding a free event tomorrow morning.

Synergy Fitness in downtown Marquette is opening it’s doors and classes tomorrow to the public to come and see what they are all about. The fitness center will offer free classes and refreshments all day long for people to try anything out before they buy.

Athletic Trainer and Group Fitness Manager Amanda Thompson says, “Our facility has 10,000 square feet, we have three different floors, we offer over 30 different fitness classes, as well as a fully stocked facility, fully stocked locker rooms. We also have personal training and massage therapy.”

They are even raffling off free tickets for an NFL experience.

Athletic Trainer Laura Tripp says, “We will be raffling off Packer tickets and tailgating. You need to be here, like get here. You have 18 chances to register for these free tickets at Synergy this weekend.”

There are a few ways to enter for the tickets like showing up to the event, trying out at least one fitness class and tagging Synergy Fitness in a post on Facebook.

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