Art gallery to reopen for first time in three years

CALUMET — An art gallery in Calumet is reopening its doors this weekend for the first time in nearly three years.

Art is returning to the historic Vertin Building in Calumet.

The iconic former department store on the corner of Oak and Sixth Street was converted to an art gallery until its closure in 2012. Now a co-op of art enthusiasts have reopened the gallery for art, antiques and collectibles.

Vertin Gallery Co-Operator Mary Sue Hyslop said, “We’d felt that maybe what we could do was put together all of those in vignettes and sets so we can honor our history with the antiques, honor the environment by basically reviving everything that we could.”

Calumet is home to several art venues but the community lost more than just another gallery when the Vertin closed down. The original building dates back to 1885 and is one of the most notable structures in town.

To see it empty like so many other grand skeletons of the Copper Country’s past was heartbreaking. Starting with Calumet’s First Friday event, the Vertin Gallery is once again welcoming people through their doors.

Hyslop said, “The theme for this First Friday is ‘Madly In Love’, and when we developed the theme, it was really more about how people walk into downtown Calumet, walk into the Copper Country-and they do, they fall madly in love.”

The Vertin Gallery will also be open Saturday from 11:00 to 7:00.

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