An intro to paranormal research

UPPER PENINSULA — The U.P. is full of history, folklore and dedicated Yoopers. So what do you get when you mix all of those together? A new series with  Sarah Mac as she tours the U.P. with local paranormal investigators. Here is the first installment of this spooky–fun series.

Paranormal investigating is sometimes that is synonymous with “ghost hunting” – but there is more to it than just calling out into the darkness. In fact it’s like a science, with hypothesizing, experimenting and collecting data,

Co–founder of the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society – or U.P.P.R.S. – Brad Blair says that the field is ever changing with its theories and techniques.

However, he says there are some instruments used in investigations that are tried and true.

“The main things you need to have are a sheet of paper and a pencil to start with, so you can record all of your findings. As far as mechanical equipment,” Blair added, “digital audio recorder, you also want some type of video equipment, also some type of electromagnetic field indicator.”

He says most of the tools that they use are normal everyday items, and that there is only one tool that was made specifically for the field called a Mel Meter. The Mel Meter was created by Gary Galka of Connecticut, who wanted to find a way to communicate with his deceased daughter.

Co–founder of U.P.P.R.S. Tim Ellis says, “It’s kind of a two–in–one, or almost a three–in–one tool now. It allows us to pick up the ambient temperature in the room, keeping an eye on that, while also at the same time keeping an eye on the electromagnetic field. Some of them come equipped with a little, almost a little flashlight on it as well. It’s a red light to keep the light down, as opposed to just a bright clear light.”

Investigating also takes a lot of research and knowledge of local history.

Join us every Friday in the month of October as we visit alleged paranormal hot-spots in the U.P. and look back at some of the teams favorite cases.


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