ISHPEMING — Legendary hockey star Paul Henderson had an enviable career that includes playing in two Stanley Cup Finals and scoring the winning goal for team Canada in the final game of the 1972 Summit Series against the Soviet Union.

These days, the 71–year-old Canadian is taking on a new challenge off the ice – battling a type of blood cancer called Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia,
or CLL.

“I tried to beat it originally with diet and all kinds of supplements. It slowed it down but I wasn’t curing it. I lost 30lbs. and my face was disfigured with the lymphoma. Now I am almost back to normal. If you are out there and you are battling cancer don’t give up, fight to stay alive until they find a cure because I really believe it is coming,” said former Hockey Star, Paul Henderson.

Henderson opted for a clinical trial instead of chemotherapy. Now, instead of scoring goals on the ice, he is scoring points as a spokesperson for the disease.

“A lot of times, the thing you can do is just phone someone, encourage someone who has cancer, everybody needs encouragement. Sometimes a word of encouragement or a prayer changes their whole attitude. That is why I decided to become a spokesperson because I know what has helped me,” continued Henderson.

September is blood cancer awareness month. Henderson is involved in a new website to bring information to those fighting the disease. To join the conversation click here.

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