Cub Scouts stay active with physical fitness challenge

CALUMET — The Houghton Cub Scouts are staying active these days by participating in a physical fitness challenge. ABC 10 / Cw 5 tagged along with the scouts this weekend to see what the challenge is all about.

Cub scouts is a program to get boys outdoors and stay active. Pack 201 from Houghton gathered in Calumet for a campout and fitness day.

Juan Marin is a Webelos ranked scout. He says, “My favorite part would probably be the campout where you get to roast marshmallows and sometimes tell spooky stories.”

Patick Heckel is a Bear Scout. He says, “I love camp because of the campfires.”

The final day of camp included building first aid kits, a mile long hike, and fitness activities to fulfill scout requirements.

“We’re doing a physical fitness challenge.”

Cubmaster Juan Marin said, “Today they’re going to be doing the 50 yard. They’re going to be doing pushups, situps, a high jump, a long jump. They will be doing a crab walk through the sand and curls with a 5 pound weight.”

Cub scouts is designed for boys in first through fifth grades. They work through handbooks to advance in the program and learn along the way

“Cub Scouts is about getting boys back into nature and doing things outdoors. They work through a workbook that has them fill requirements like cook their meals, prepare their meals, learn about a sport. The idea is for the boys to learn about different things that they might not do otherwise.”

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