Local library and theater company present award-winning play

MARQUETTE — A local theater company is taking a break from children’s programs to provide a little adult entertainment.

This weekend the Vertigo Theater Company will present Conor McPherson’s The Weir at the Peter White Public Library. Some of the Companies past performances include two Christmas plays, “Rabbit Hole,” and “Fat Pig.”

The play takes place in a rural Irish pub with a group of friends and a newcomer.

Actor John Sarkela says, “So as we drink and get to know each other, we start telling stories, and like any good Irish tale in a pub there’s lots of story–telling. So it’s got some hilarity, it’s got some serious times, and generally a good evening all around.”

Director Martyn Martello says, “The characters are so relate-able. When we were first doing the read through, my cast members were all commenting, ‘I’ve had this conversation in a bar.’ It’s just so real, and I really think people are going to get that involved, and once again, it’s such an intimate space, you know, they’re like 10 to 12 feet from the stage in the first row, so they will really feel like their part of what’s going on – that’s exciting.”

The play won an Olivier, similar to our Tony’s, in 1997 for Best New Play. The Weir runs through Saturday night, and can purchase tickets at the library for $7.50. The library invites audience members who are 16 or older – since the play does use adult language.

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