ISHPMEING — The Partridge Creek Farm has been a welcome site in the city of Ishpeming. Around 5 o’clock ABC 10 got to see the farm improve its curb appeal even more.

The Lions Club donated the funds necessary to pour 120 feet of concrete for a brand new sidewalk along the side of the farm. Partridge Creek Farm operator Dan Perkins says that the philosophy of community helping community is what Partridge Creek Farm is all about. The Lions Club carries that belief as well.

“Our Lions Club has doubled in size this last year and I have a lot of active guys, tradesmen who really want to do something for the community,” said Dan Perkins, “this is one of the projects we decided to do. The Lions Club is going to make a big presence in this town. We have so much energy in these young tradesmen. They don’t want to go to meetings, they want to do things. I feel very blessed to have these guys in our club.”

The farm has come a long way since breaking ground on the corner of First and Euclid in downtown Ishpeming back in April and looks to continue to expand it’s potential.

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