Health superheroes use powers to teach kids nutrition

ISHPEMING — Caped crusaders hold a great fascination for kids. With millions of kids already fighting diabetes and obesity, a new breed of health superheroes is taking over and fighting for health.

Targeting kids, The “H Team” as they are called are given a mission more important than most. Fighting for the health and nutrition across the world.

“The ultimate goal of Health Heroes is to empower thousands of children between the ages of nine and 13, to learn health lifestyle habits that affect their peers, their families and the community at large,” said Health Heroes Author, Eric Meredith.

While most nutrition programs target adults, this spin could be the change the health industry needs. Health heroes have 8 hero characters that kids have already begun to emulate. Just like other super heroes, they come wrapped in cool costumes with intriguing names like Midas, Vision and Mercury. But never to be out shadowed by their mission.

“They have compelling stories, relatable characters and familiar experiences that touch the hearts and minds of children,” continued Meredith.

In the book the kids are asked to use their strengths to protect the world from destructive forces. Of course as we all know, from Popeye, strength comes from eating the right foods and you have to admit, no one ever saw Superman snacking on a donut.

Eric says this mission although altruistic is a personal one. He adds, “If Health Heroes can help millions of children, improve their health literacy and affect change in their peers, family and communities, we are on track to reverse an epidemic that causes some parents to outlive their children. By doing this I will definitely fulfill my purposes in life, to help improve language and health literacy among millions of young people.”

As with all modern day heroes, you can find them via their web or Facebook page.

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