NEGAUNEE — Over 48 million Americans struggle with food insecurity, but one local community is trying to bring that number down.

Negaunee High School hosted a Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry Tuesday. The truck came from Grand Rapids hauling 21,000 pounds of food.

“There’s enough food right now to feed 300 families, so I think we’re going to be pretty close to meeting that number,” said Negaunee High School Principal Mark Marana, “It’s just a great event. It’s a chance for our students, some of our teaching staff, and our community members to give back to our community.”

“I’ve always volunteered for stuff like this, it’s nice to do it for people, people that especially need it, they really need it. We’re just here to help and volunteer for it,” added Van Riggen, a freshman on the football team.

The entire JV football team volunteered to help out, along with many other high school students. If you’d like more information on Feeding America, follow this link.

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