Local energy organization competes for a big prize

HOUGHTON — An organization in Houghton is working to save energy and win big.

The Houghton Energy Effeciency Team, or HEET, has a solid plan to reduce utility usage in the area. The team was formed to compete for the five million dollar Georgetown University Energy Prize. The prize is awarded to the community which shows the most dedication to conserving electricity and natural gas over a 2 year span, but HEET’s efforts aren’t all about winning.

“Everything that the Hougton Energy Effeciency Team does helps every induvidual household owner. It helps them save money and stay warmer. Basically this is an opportunity to make it so that people are a lot more comfortable and save some money. That’s really the main reason why we’re doing it.” said HEET Energy Manager Melissa Davis.

HEET will be working with the non–profit clearResult to provide home energy scores. These scores help homeowners target sources of energy waste in their houses. The next big HEET event is the Energy Expo on October 17th.

“We’re offering some really great stuff for that. There is an appliance recycling program. So if you have an old freezer, refrigerator, a/c unit or dehumidifier that’s bugging you and it’s old, you want to get it out of the system. If you bring it down to the DEE that Saturday, October 17th and they’ll take it away for you,” Davis says.

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