ISHPEMING — With bow hunting season just a few days away, one local archery shop has acquired a new machine that will help you in your journey to bag that trophy buck.

Straight Line Archery of Ishpeming recently purchased a ‘Hooter Shooter’. This machine takes the guesswork out of getting your bow to properly work.

The Hooter Shooter identifies if your bow has a mechanical flaw, or if you’re doing something wrong when you release an arrow towards a target. Randall Wellings of Straight Line Archery says the Hooter Shooter was an excellent investment.

“More than anything it gives me the opportunity to shoot bows that I typically wouldn’t be able to,” said Wellings. “It’s just fun. You put it in, dial it up, shoot it, and it’s really, really cool to see it go in the same spot time and time again.”

“It makes you more or less aware that we do get actually really involved in the shot and that’s our job to try and help people get out of it so they can actually do a very, very good shot,” Wellings added.

The ‘Hooter Shooter’ works on just about every type of bow. To check out the Hooter Shooter for yourself, Straight Line Archery is open six days a week.


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