Woman receives probation for stealing from elderly people

MARQUETTE — A Gwinn woman arrested for larceny earlier this year was handed her sentence this morning in Marquette County Circuit Court.

20–year–old Joelene Johnson was given 18 months probation. She will have to pay restitution, fines, and costs as part of her sentence.

“I know she’s truly sorry that this incident ever occurred, and I do believe she understands the impact it had on the victims,” said defense attorney Robert Juidici.

“The recommendation here, I will sentence in accord with it, and I’m not going to issue a jail sentence today, but given the history and the fact that you’re in probation, I want you to understand that if you violate your probation, you can expect to go to jail,” said Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

Johnson pleaded no contest to larceny in a building last month. She was arrested by Forsyth Township Police in March for stealing over $10,000 from an elderly couple she was working for.

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