Local animal shelter raises money with Packers, Lions, Bears fans

HOUGHTON — The Copper Country Humane Society is raising money in a way that Packers, Lions, and Bears fans can all root for together.

Over 900 animals fall under the care of the Copper Country Humane Society each year. More than just a shelter, the staff here provides veterinary care for their animals as well as spay and neutering.

Because they are a non–profit 501c3 that is not part of any state or federal organization, they depend heavily on donations. To help raise money and to give a little back to those who support them, they are holding a Lambeau or Loot Raffle.

CCHS Board Member Robin Stimac said, “We hope to raise somewhere around $10,000 or so as a result of that but, obviously, getting some money is always helpful but we have such an exceptional donor base, that we felt that this would be a way of really giving one of our donors a very, very special thank you.”

The Thank You will come in the form of a ticket package to a Packers–Bears game on Thanksgiving Day, a ticket package for a Packers–Lions game…and other cash prizes, thus Lambeau or Loot.
Information on how to get tickets can be found on their website but get them soon, the drawing takes place September 30th.

The shelter has a dedicated staff and board, but it’s the donors that make saving these animals possible.

Stimac said, “The whole thing comes back to our donor base. Without them, nothing would happen and we are very so blessed to have, I think, the finest donor base there is.”

The Copper Country Humane Society doesn’t receive any federal or state funding, so any help you’re able to give at all is appreciated.

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