Homecoming Parade celebrates more than just athletes

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University wrapped up it’s Homecoming Spirit Week Friday with the much anticipated Homecoming Parade.

Northern has over three hundred student organizations on campus, and many of them were represented in the parade today. Of course, homecoming centers around football, but Homecoming Week, including the parade, gives some of these organizations the opportunity to take the spotlight.

“A lot of people love football but a lot of people don’t, so I think it’s exciting to get people who aren’t into sports into Homecoming in a different way. It creates good memories for when you do come back for Homecoming as an alumni to remember everything you did that week,” said Danielle Hellios, a cheerleader at Northern.

And the alumni came out in force this week. Along with the Alumni Association, the 1975 Division II Championship Football Team came out to cheer on the Wildcats.

“Our alums have a great affection and they love coming back, they love connecting with one another, but they also love connecting with our current students, which is a real special experience,” said NMU President Fritz Erickson

“It’s nice to meet other alumni from all different eras of Northern’s history and to get to interact and share their experiences at Northern and my own experiences in the 2000 century. They hype is very nice, you get a lot of people out here, the weather is pretty nice too, so it’s just all around a good time,” added Derek Bush, a recent addition to the Board of NMU’s Alumni Association.

The Wildcats face off against Hillsdale Saturday afternoon at 4:00 P.M. in the Superior Dome.

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