MARQUETTE COUNTY — Grouse season is here. This small game hunting season has many hunters excited to get out there and ruffle some feathers.

Yoopers on two tracks and wearing their swampers will be hitting the trails in search of prime hunting spots, to bag that perfect bird.  Although the weather for the next few days may be beautiful for some, mother nature may delay things a bit for grouse hunting.

“To some folks this is bigger than the deer opener, those that are die hard bird hunters, myself included. This weeks temperatures are not going to be conducive to hunting Grouse, it’s going to be really windy, it’s already started to get windy. The birds don’t hold well and they hear you coming and they just fly away. Most guys hunt grout with dogs and so this warm weather you just can’t run your dogs and it’s too hard on the dogs,” said DNR Biologist, Brian Roell.

Weather aside, you do still have to follow the sunrise to sunset rules as well as the bagging and possession limits, which have changed this year.

“Also a reminder that even though there are woodcock in the same habitat where you will find rough grouse, their season does not open until Saturday, Sept. 19th,” continued Roell.

For the complete list of grouse hunting rules, visit the DNR website.

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