HOUGHTON — Two cases in Houghton County are now over.

49-year-old Camiel Vanhaecke of South Range is headed to prison. He was charged with 2nd degree home invasion involving a break-in at a camp in Duncan Township in June.
Prosecutor Michael Makinen argued for a long prison sentence based on Vanhaecke’s prior criminal history.

Defense Attorney David Gemignani stated the guidelines for sentencing were fair given that, as he put it, his client already has a death sentence since he has cancer and may not outlive a long sentence.

He was sentenced to a minimum 2 years and 9 months with a maximum of 22 ½ years and was credited for 97 days time served.

Another sentence was handed down, this time in the case against 64-year-old Jerome Flum of Copper City.

He was involved in a 12-hour standoff with police in April after he allegedly threatened a utility worker who came to shut off his water. A statement was heard from a victim in the case who described Flum as anti-Semitic and potentially violent.

She asked the court to consider prison time for the defendant. Instead, Flum was sentenced to two years probation and was ordered to give up any firearms he owns.

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