150+ organizations show off for K-Day

KEWEENAW — It’s a long standing tradition for Michigan Tech students to browse through their choices of organizations to join.

College life provides many more opportunities that for just studying. During K–Day, short for Keweenaw Day, student organizations from Michigan Tech set up booths at the park.

More than 150 organizations are represented as thousands of students are let out of class early to come and enjoy the fun.

Sigma Rho’s Andrew Kalember said, “The great thing about K–Day is that it gives all of the organizations at Michigan Tech a chance to kind of advertise and let all the new students know what they’re all about and it lets all the first years find a good club or organization to join.”

Sigma Rho is a fraternity located in Chassell. Like the other organizations, they want to show students what they have to offer.

Kalember said, “I tell people that they should join our house because it makes the best out of your college experience. We’ve got a beautiful house on lakefront property out in Chassell, MI and it’s just a good time all around.”

With all the hard work the goes into earning a degree, these students will need to have a good time… while they can.

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