NMU Soccer falls to Bemidji 1-0

MARQUETTE — College programs across the U.P. are opening their respective seasons and one team had to battle a wet field. It was the Northern Michigan women’s soccer team in their home opener against Bemidji State.

NMU Soccer:

Early in the first half, Hailey Beyrand on the free kick from the left side and Anna Foe-bee denies the attempt. The Wildcats would have their chances in this one, here on a corner kick from Paula Hafner and Foebee knocks it away. She would have a very busy day for the Beavers.

Later, Sarah Stram frees herself up to take a shot and this one bounces off the crossbar and hits Alexandra Simmons on the back of her head.
She was a little woozy but she would stay in the game.

The game was scoreless at halftime but the Beavers would finally break through in the 52nd minute. Off the right side and Stram lines it all the way to the left crossbar and it bounces in.

That’s all the Beavers would need as they win on the road against NMU, 1-0 the final score.

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