West U.P. hosts its own bridge walk

HOUGHTON — Mackinac wasn’t the only place where bridge walkers celebrated Labor Day.

Walking five miles is one way to enjoy a day where we take a break from all our hard work. The 12th Annual Labor Day Bridge Walk was held in Houghton and Hancock presented by U.P. Health System-Portage.

The 5-mile walk took participants across the Portage Lake Lift Bridge and along both waterfronts. The walk is held each year in conjunction with the Labor Day Walk across the Mackinac Bridge.

U.P. Health-System-Portage Health & Fitness Manager Angela Luskin said, “People that can’t get to the Mighty Mac (Mackinac Bridge) have an opportunity to do the walk within their community and it’s just a nice day to get out, be active, on this great holiday.”

While others chose to sleep in on this day of rest and relaxation…others woke up early to take part in this community event.

Luskin said, “This is just a nice opportunity to get that activity or that exercise in with a lot of other community members. It’s nice family event, like I said, good to do with friends.”
The free event was also sponsored by Michigan’s Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and the Pure Michigan FITness Series.

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