U.P. runners compete at the Marquette Challenge

The dictionary defines a challenge as a call to take part in a contest or competition. That was the case at Presque Isle Park today as cross country runners from across the U.P. participated in the Marquette Challenge.

Early on, it’s Marquette’s Lindsey Rudden leading the way followed by a few of her teammates including Amber Huebner. And in the end, it’s Rudden in first place with a time of 19 minutes 23 seconds. Huebner was right behind in second with a time of 19 minutes 58 seconds, followed by Clara Johnson of Negaunee at 20 minutes and four tenths of a second.

Marquette’s Lance Rambo wasn’t decked out in war paint and machine guns but he maintained a nice lead throughout the course. And he would finish in first place with a time of 16 minutes 43 seconds.

In second place was Escanaba’s Joey Wolfe at 16 minutes 59 seconds and in third was Colton Yesney from Negaunee at 17 minutes and four seconds.

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