Event planners will soon have to work around new rules

ISHPEMING — Changes are in the works for event planners in Ishpeming.

The City has passed some new policies regarding special events. There wasn’t a policy previously, but with events growing in size every year, the city felt it needed more advanced notice. Once the policy is implemented, event planners will need to notify the Department of Public Works of what types of services will be needed, such as blocking off streets, and which park needs to be reserved.

“There have been so many long standing events that have been happening in the city that we wanted to make sure it was on the radar of all of those people and give them an opportunity to provide a little bit of feedback and at the same time allow the city to explain why they’ve had to implement such policies,” said Kori Tossava, Executive Director of the Greater Ishpeming/Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce.

A community chat was held today, to discuss the new policies. But, Tossava says it’ll still be easy to host an event in the City of Ishpeming.

“We hold so many events in Ishpeming, anything that ranges from a festival to a parade to a race. There’s not a blanket policy that applies to all of these that the city’s adopted, but more of one that allows people to play within these specific guidelines,” added Tossava

The new event policies will be implemented in 2016

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