Animal Pain Awareness Month

MARQUETTE — Pain is obvious when we feel it, or obvious to know someone else is in pain when they say things like “Oh my aching back,” but it’s a little less obvious for your pets.

That’s why the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management designated September as “Animal Pain Awareness Month.” There are different reasons why pet’s could feel chronic pain.

Laura Klar, DVM, of the Animal Medical Center of Marquette, “Arthritis is probably the one we are most familiar with. We think about it in our dogs especially in our large breed dogs, but cats have arthritis, too. Other sides of pain can be dental pain, or oral pain, that’s a very common kind of pain that we see, and then unfortunately cancer pain.”

Dr. Klar says that most the time your pet won’t wine or cry any tears, and says instead their behaviors will change. There are different treatments and therapies for pets just like humans. Pets could have pain medication, but they could also have non-drug pain treatment. Some examples of non-drug pain medication include acupuncture and laser therapy. To be safe, keep your pet’s annual regular check-up and don’t hesitate to call your vet.

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