MARQUETTE — Marquette County received some high praise Tuesday.

That was one topic of discussion at the Marquette County Board of Commissioners meeting. Kalamazoo County Chair John Taylor sent communication to the Marquette County board commending them on their legislation regarding the dark store issue.

“It’s extremely important if you’re paying attention to what’s going on in the UP, particularly in Marquette County with the huge amounts of money we’re losing which greatly affects the special millages. Places like the library here in town, for example, or special dispatch operation, medical care facility, search and rescue, all of these types of services are greatly hurt by the money that has to be paid back,” said County Commissioner Gerry Corkin, “We’ve been working on this in Marquette County for the last two years. It’s nice to get support from Kalamazoo County and the other counties in Michigan.”

The legislation will be introduced by Representative John Kivela and Senator Tom Casperson.

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