U.P. native wins a national contest to be a running inspiration

NEGAUNEE — Local marine and Negaunee native wins a national contest to be the inspiration for Competitor.com, with his son.

Competitor.com is a top news website for die–hard runners. Part marine, part runner and all DAD. Neal Collick got deployed to Iraq when his son chase was just 10 days old; being re–introduced to his life when he was three. Getting to know his son was made easier when they started running together.

“It was a tough transition when I got out of the military and it took a little while for me to get my head on straight and figure out my priorities and running was really the foundation for that. I ran the 2012 Grandma’s marathon In Duluth, as  I came up at about mile 24/25 I saw Chase standing on the side and cheering me on. I asked him if he wanted to come out and run with me, he ran with me to the finishing… and the crowds and it was just a great memory. It’s just a great way to bond with him and enjoy quality time,” said Neal Collick, Competitor.com contest winner.

The theme of the contest was ‘How Every Mile Changes You’. With 40 running medals under his belt, Neal along with his son Chase will now be the example of how running changes lives.

His son Chase adds, “I hadn’t really started running and I got to run the last part of Grandma’s marathon with him and it was really cool to see what he sees every time he finished a marathon. I was really happy, usually as happy as he is when he finishes a marathon.”

Neal served active duty in Iraq for 4 years. Now his duty is full–time dad, husband and he and Chase have started a running business called Superior Runner.

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