U.P. football team makes history with first inaugural game

HANCOCK — The Finlandia Lions prepare as they go into their final week before a historic game at McAfee Field. This Saturday, history will be made in the Copper Country as the Finlandia Lions football team will take the field for the first time in school history.

Starting a program from scratch would be a tall task for any coaching staff so this week will be very important in terms of preparing for Alma College on September 5th.
“It’s been good. Not as bad as last year when we didn’t have games. We’re just getting a lot of reps in last year. This year we’ve been more focused on getting the plays installed,” said Saterstad .

“I’m having high expectations for us because we have athletes. We have a great coaching and there’s no reason that we can’t have a great season,” said Windahl.

“The expectations for this season is we’re going to compete. We’re going to go out and compete, week in and week out. And it doesn’t matter who we are playing. We’re going to take it one game at a time and we’re going to compete with the competition that’s put out there,” said Driscoll.

This week, the first ever team captains were named and a few of them spoke about what it means to be the selected.

“It’s a great honor that the coaches and the players nominated us as team captains. Could ask for more of them,” said LaPlant.

“It’s just an honor for being here and feeling like…I was one of the original guys here and only a few of us that stuck it out and it feels good,” Windhahl said.

Adrian Saterstad and Tyler Windahl were also named captains. The Lions also took their first team photo, decked in their new game jerseys.

“I think they’re awesome. Really, really nice. My high school just got Nike ones, Hancock,” Saterstad said.

“I think they look great. I really like them and they look good on everybody,” said Windahl.

“I love them. And they are nice,” LaPlant said.

“The feeling was electric when we were in there. When I met with the team, before we came over to the field. Everybody’s looking around, they all have their jerseys on. Coach Mettlach picked them out, our offensive coordinator, and I think he did a great job. The jerseys are very sharp,” said Driscoll.

So not only will the Lions be prepared for Alma College on the field, but they will definitely look good as well.

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