MARQUETTE — You don’t have to be Serena Williams to like tennis.

Anyone can play, and some local community members are having a good time doing it. Thursday the United States Tennis Association hosted an Adult Tennis Mixer in Marquette. People of all skill levels came out to the Marquette Senior High School courts to enjoy a few matches, and make a few new friends at the same time.

“There’s a lot of people around that want to play tennis, but they don’t know where to go to. Events like this get people together, gets them to meet people and find people to play with and that. It’s a fun time. We actually had someone drive all the way from Shingleton to participate,” said Josh Kitto, a Teaching Tennis Professional.

Many might be nervous to come to a mixer like this, especially if they’re not familiar with the rules, or don’t move as quickly as they used to. Kitto says not to worry.

“You can play while you’re young, you can play while you’re old. it’s an excellent work out,” Kitto added, “You only need one other person to play with, or three. You don’t have to get a huge team together, so it’s a lot easier to make that happen.”

If you want to join in on future tennis programs, Kitto says your best bet is to add him on Facebook. Just follow this link.

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