MARQUETTE — With NMU students back in the dorms you will begin to see a familiar sight as you pass down Wright Street near the University.

Students have developed a Hookah Circle. The Hookah circle started organically, bringing students together and forging new friendships.

“I’ve met more people out here smoking hookah that just stop by off their long boards, bikes or just walking by and we just invite them over, ” said hookah smoker, Mitchell MacArthur, NMU Sophomore.

These students say they use to smoke closer to their dorm but with the smoking ban, they had to move. The move closer to the street gives them more visibility and friendly honks of support.

Hookah smoker Rayan Labinkisi says, “We use to set up over in the courtyard but this is the only spot we can have short of going to someone’s house or apartment. I just come out and I set it up, and do some homework and then a few minutes later I will have a circle going, we have gotten up to 15, 20 people out here before.”

“I actually smoke hookah for the social aspect, it is a friendly way to meet new people, adds MacArthur.

Experts disagree on the origins of hookah saying it started in India, Persia or Turkey.

Hookah if you are unfamiliar is a a glass–bottomed water pipe, it has fruit–flavored tobacco covered with foil and roasted with charcoal. When you sip, you are sipping steam, flavored tobacco that you then exhale.

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