End of the summer fair promises excitement for all

HANCOCK — It’s Houghton County’s turn to have their fair.

For the 64th year the Houghton County Fair will offer one last hurrah for the summer. Visitors can expect the usual highlights along with some new attractions.

“Marvelous Mutts for one thing. It’s a brand new attraction on the end over there. It’s dogs that do some tricks and stuff. We got Cirque Amongus, too, and they’ve been all over the world and we’re really grateful to have them back here. They’re kind of local people, went to school here and stuff like that,” said Houghton County Fair Association President Richard Freeman.

For the second year in a row Spectrum Entertainment will provide the thrill rides for kids of all ages. Plus the fair features a queen pageant, plenty of off–road action and a dog show. What will they think of next?

“We’re going after a shark exhibit next year. So, we’ll see if that pans out. No promises, though!” said Freeman

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