‘UP Kids’ in desperate need of volunteers for Big Brothers – Big Sisters Program

HOUGHTON — One person really can make a difference, especially when it comes to a child’s life.

U.P. Kids is in desperate need of volunteers for their Big Brothers-Big Sisters program. Don’t think you can do it? I spent part of the day with a big and little sister learning what
it takes.

20-year-old Shannon Dufek spends as much time with her little sister, 12-year old Abby Beaudoin as she can. They go swimming, ice skating and practice gymnastics. It doesn’t really matter what they do, as long as they are doing it together.

Dufek said, “Sometimes with older sisters, you don’t always have that connection with them if there’s that age barrier,” said Big Sister Shannon Dufek, “so I think it just kind of enables her to have somebody to spend time with.”

If it wasn’t for Shannon, Abby says she would spend her time at home waiting for her mother to get home from work…she would much rather be spending that time with her Big Sister.

“She’s nice and fun to hang out with and sometimes we talk,” said Little Sister Abby Beaudoin.

U.P. Kids Big Brothers-Big Sisters currently has a waiting list full of kids looking for volunteers. The need is especially high for young men to be Big Brothers.
It isn’t just the child who benefits.

I’ve started doing things I haven’t done in like ten years because I’ve been so busy with school and it was just kind of nice to get to enjoy the little things, like just playing outside. I mean, I hadn’t done that in years,” Dufek said.

And the job comes with its own rewards. Beaudoin said, “I appreciate her being there for me and being there to hang out with and have fun with.”

You’ll find more information on to volunteer for U.P. Kids Big Brothers-Big Sisters at www.UPkids.com and click on the Big Brothers/Big Sisters button for more information on how to volunteer or call them at (906) 487-9855.

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