Introducing the Michigan Tech Huskies football team

HOUGHTON — The Michigan Tech football got pampered earlier this afternoon for Media Day at Sherman Field.

The players might be a little sore though as last night, the Huskies held their annual intra-squad game and the team talked about what they saw from the action as they wind down training camp.

“We moved the ball coming out of our own end. We did some stuff in the red zone. We did some stuff on the goal line. I thought some people really played well. We didn’t get anybody hurt so that’s always a pleasant surprise. I’ll take no injuries any time,” Kearly said.

“This whole early camp, I would say, has been a success for this team. We’ve seen a lot of young guys step up in the big positions. I think we have a strong junior and senior class. So I think that as it starts to wind down, we start to see really what this team can do,” said Cowie.

“Defensively there were a lot of good things that we saw. A lot of young guys are stepping up and finding a role. With the two ends, Nelson Weinke and Cam Allen, ending their careers last season, there’s some open spots to take over and these young guys are looking forward to that,” Agen said.

Coach Kerley also spoke about the progress of Brandon Cowie at the quarterback position.

“He’s looked good. We know he’s a playmaker. He’s always had those capabilities. That’s why we moved him to receiver because of his athletic ability. He’s got really good leadership qualities. He’s taken over and taken charge. He wants the ball in his hands in crunch time. And those are the things…those are hard to teach. Those are just qualities that somebody has,” said Kearly.
“It is a different game playing receiver in division two football as opposed to quarterback so I think thankfully I have great coaches and great teammates that have really helped me transition pretty smoothly into the position,” Cowie said.

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