NEGAUNEE — Excited teachers, kids wanting to learn but not enough materials to fill the void. That’s the situation in Negaunee approaching the first day of school, which is just more than a week away.

Negaunee high school, English Teacher, Mary Roster is preparing for the return of her students, but unfortunately she doesn’t have all of the materials necessary for a successful school year.
Looking back on the issues she experienced last year, she’s done her homework and is planning ahead.

“I had a lot of young readers that are interested in some novels that I have been putting together and I don’t have enough for them to be able to take them home, I only have enough for the classroom. This is a novel that they are really into and they don’t want to stop when the bell rings, they want to be able to finish reading that, said Mary Roster, Negaunee high school English teacher.

Roster says it’s normal for teachers to spend their own money to make up for the supplies they don’t have. They even apply for grants but with the rise in technology, some basic needs get pushed to the back of the class.

Roster continues, “We will spend a lot of our own money over the summer going to garage sales trying to find good finds, going to book stores trying to supplement our classroom libraries. I have been able to find a lot of grants for technology and I have added a lot of technology to my room but it is very difficult to find grants for something as old school as a paperback novel.

Roster has set up a Go Fund Me account for those wishing to help her purchase the necessary books for her classroom. Click here for the Go Fund Me website, to donate.

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