MARQUETTE — This morning community members took a brisk walk in the chilly morning air with local doctors. Today concluded the series Ask The Doctors On the Move With the YMCA of Marquette County. The series brought in different doctors each week since May. Participants meet at The Y at seven in the morning for a brief discussion and then a 45 minute walk.

Dr. Chris Dehlin of Up Health System Marquette’s Lakewood Family Medicine Clinic says, “Well the goal was to kind of build some community, and to hopefully encourage people on the importance of exercise, and physical activity, and hopefully be a starting point for people to start that exercise program.”

This week Dr. Dehlin invited a psychiatrist from UP Health System Marquette Dr. Cameron Wilcox.

Psychiatrist from UP Health System Marquette Dr. Cameron Wilcox says, “Usually, like, when I talk to groups or the public I like to just talk about whatever they have interest in. Depression and anxiety come up a lot when you talk about psychiatry, so I would imagine answering questions about that, as well as medications, is probably a big topic that’ll come up when talking to people.”

The program, like others in the summer session, is taking a break and hopes to continue next year. Registration for fall programs begin August 31th for members and September 8th for non–members.

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