MARQUETTE — While the evolution of technology has changed the landscape of school, paper still rules.

Electronics have not replaced the need for paper as some may think. Shopping for school supplies was always a fun part of back–to–school for many. But with the digital age changing the landscape, a lot of retailers like Walmart have added in options for those heading back to the classroom.

“You can use our website when you are looking for your school supply list. To purchase your items, you can have them shipped to the store, all you need to do is come into the store and pick them up, the order is all ready for you,” said assistant store manager, Leah Dziesinski.

A recent study from The Paper and Packaging Board says paper tools still rule the school.  The Annual Back–to–School Report says parents, educators and students all still rely on, believe in, and see results with paper.
The following results came from their study:
· 76% of parents feel more comfortable helping their child with homework when it’s paper–based.
· 63% of K–12 educators’ courses involve paper–based learning.
· 73% of college educators regularly rely on paper resources.
You can read more about the study done by the Paper and Packaging board by clicking here.

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