U.P. Unitarian Universalists hold peace camp

MARQUETTE — Summer is wrapping up, but there’s still time for one more Summer Camp.

This weekend, the Marquette Congregation of Universalist Unitarians is hosting their annual Peace Camp. The camp is all about getting out in the woods and being a part of nature.

“One of the U.U. Principles is to live in harmony with nature, so that’s the big part of Peace Camp. It’s minimal impact camping, respect of the Earth. It was always a get together for the congregation, end of the summer thing,” said Jill Mielcarek, who helped coordinate this years Peace Camp.

One of the big projects campers will work on is a stewardship project on Big Creek. Campers will help restore a bridge there for future hikers to use.

They’ll also do lots of nature crafts, hikes, and maybe even a little meditation.

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