Bad Lip Reading releases new video of the first Republican debate

The makers of the well-known YouTube channel, Bad Lip Reading, have released new video parodying the Republican presidential candidates using footage from the first Republican presidential debate in Cleveland earlier this month.

The video features Chris Christie declaring his love for potatoes, Donald Trump having some stomach issues, and Marco Rubio dropping a rhyme to a funky beat.

All the candidates close with a song, and the commentators manufactured reactions are priceless. Just like any other creation ‘Bad Lip Reading’ has released in the past, the video quickly went viral with almost a million views in just one day.

The purposely poorly interpretations of Dr. Ben Carson’s comments are worthy of belly laughter, and no matter which side of the aisle you stand on, there’s comedy in this video for everyone.

Watch the potential Republican candidates hilariously weigh in on a variety of issues. Enjoy.

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