New task force forms to combat growing drug problem

ESCANABA — As many know, drug use is a major problem in the Upper Peninsula. Delta County is making moves to address that issue.

Delta County Prosecutor Phil Strom announced today that Delta County is forming a new task force to deal with the growing drug problem. The team will be dubbed the Delta County Task Force Against Substance Abuse and held it’s first meeting today. Their main focus will be finding ways to provide rehabilitation services locally.

“We need to do a better job all around of providing rehabilitation services to addicted individuals. We need things like counseling, job training, inpatient facilities. An inpatient facility, we know, has much greater success rates than just asking someone to do it on their own,” said Strom.

The task force also hopes to help educate the public on the extent of the drug problem in Delta County. They plan on reaching out to those impacted by drug abuse to figure out what exactly needs to be done to help the community. The team will meet monthly to develop a strategy.