UPPER PENINSULA — Gas prices in the U.P. have sky–rocketed in the past twenty–four hours. In many areas including Marquette County, drivers have seen the price for unleaded gasoline increase more than fifty cents per gallon.

Due to the biggest oil refinery in the Midwest being temporarily shutdown, Upper Peninsula drivers should expect the prices to remain higher than they’ve been until repairs are made. The price increase has made many local residents upset.

“One refinery causes the gas to do this? And also we’re watching on the news how the price of oil is going into the tubes, so I don’t understand,” said Gwinn Resident Thomas Wakefield.

According to GasBuddy.com the Indiana refinery is having problems with its largest crude distillation unit, which handles more than half of the facilities capacity. The higher prices will have a large influence on many families’ way of life.

“I don’t know who’s making the money, but it’s not me. I’m retired from the military after 27 years so getting up there to being a ripe old age. We’re kind of on a fixed budget, with these kinds of prices for gas, well, it’s cut down how often we go places.”

Issues at BP’s refinery in Indiana are estimated to be resolved in approximately a month.