Standoff suspect enters plea agreement

HOUGHTON — A plea agreement for a Copper City man allegedly involved in a standoff with police has been reached.

64-year-old Jerome Flum appeared in Houghton County Circuit Court Monday. He was arrested in April after refusing to come out of his home for 12-hours following an earlier incident where police say Flum threatened a utility worker who came to the house to shut off the water for nonpayment.

Seven counts were filed against Flum, including making terrorism threats — a charge that carries a possible 20 year prison sentence. As a result of the plea agreement, six of the seven counts were dismissed in exchange for a ‘no contest’ plea to one count of attempted felonious assault.

That charge is a high court misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. The plea agreement also stipulated that Flum’s bond would not be revoked and that he would remain confined to his home so he may care for his ailing wife.

A request by a victim in the case to be heard before the plea agreement was accepted was denied by the court. Sentencing will take place in about four weeks.