Tracking business trends

MARQUETTE — According to the Lake Superior Community Partnership, the economy in Marquette County has changed vastly in the last five years with the addition of new businesses like the microbreweries and the food trucks.

They are able to stay on top of business trends thanks to what they call ‘trending software.’ Lately, the partnership has seen an increase in the number of new small businesses in the area.

“We can tell what is expected to be coming down the pipeline, what’s trending in jobs and where we can expect jobs to go in certain industries,” said Caralee Swanberg, the Vice President of Economic Development for the LSCP. We’re going to see a lot more of these smaller companies popping up that really make Marquette County a fantastic place to live and work.”

“We need small business to thrive and that’s what we are seeing a lot of, a lot of smaller business clients,” said Amy Clickner, CEO of the LSCP. “Balance is important between large, midsize, and small companies, but we do see a lot of growth coming from the entrepreneurs.”