Swing time and afternoon tees for local ladies

MARQUETTE — It don’t mean a thing, it if ain’t got that swing – at least for the participants at a local golf tournament.

Today was the 35th annual Upper Peninsula Ladies Golf Association Senior Tournament at the Marquette Golf and Country Club. Women from all over the U.P. came to participate. Women who are 50–years or older are welcome to join in no matter their skill level. About 70 ladies came out to compete in this years tournament.

Head Golf Professional, Marc Gilmore says, “Any skill level is welcome, but again we have the best lady senior players in the U.P. at this event as well. So it’s a fun event but it’s a very serious event at the same time. I would say it’s very competitive. It’s I mean this is their Senior Championship, so they want to win this championship yearly just like any other event.”

Marquette Golf and Country Club hosts the tournament about every 13 years since the location is on a rotation with different clubs throughout the U.P. For senior women who would like to get involved next year, the sites usually offer registration information about six weeks in advance.

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