Percussive attack camp features upcoming musicians

MARQUETTE — Percussive Attack Camp hit their cue and will be keeping the beat all week.

Whether they’re on marimba, drum set, timpani, or even garbage can all of these drummers share the same desire to get better at percussion, and they’re at the right place. Percussive Attack Camp is unique opportunity for percussionists to be in the spotlight.

“This week for percussionists, they get to come to the front of the stage. At your normal band camp they’re always in the back of the auditorium, back of the hall, told to play a little softer. This time it’s all in the front. The percussion comes out in front,” said Carrie Biolo, Percussive Attack Camp director. “They’re playing the melodic instruments, they’re playing the harmony, they’re playing the melody, they’re playing the rhythm, they’re doing it all.”

The students learn a variety of styles and techniques from expert percussionists to take their talents to a new level.

“The first day they get music and their scared and crying. Day two they come back and are like wow I can play percussion, I can really figure this stuff out. It builds their confidence,” said Biolo.

The camp continues all week. The students will showcase their talents during a group performance at Reynolds Recital Hall at NMU on Friday at 7:30.