Local results are unofficial unless otherwise noted.

Chippewa County

County-wide: Superior District Library Millage Renewal
YES 1374  NO 940

Dafter Township
Emergency Services Millage Request
YES 69  NO 49

Kinross Charter Township
Emergency Medical Services Millage Request – Renewal
YES 141  NO 79

Dickinson County

County-Wide: Property Tax Limitations
YES 753  NO 2069

Iron County

City of Caspian
City Commissioner
Armand Buszko 51*
Gary Sabol 72*
Lisa Schwister 49
Mark Stauber 75*
Randy Thunander 75*

*Advance to November General Election

Mackinac County

County-wide: Superior District Library Millage Renewal
YES 207  NO 76

Clark Township
Road Millage Renewal Proposal
YES 218  NO 64

Marquette County

County-wide: Medical Care Facility Millage Renewal
YES 3088  NO 980

Forsyth, Sands, and West Branch Townships
Gwinn Area Community Schools Bonding Proposal
YES 682  NO 790

Gwinn Area Community Schools Building and Site Sinking Fund Tax Levy
YES 645  NO 827

Ishpeming Township
Police Protection Millage
YES 104  NO 133

City of Marquette
Senior Millage Renewal
YES 951  NO 171

Menominee County

City of Menominee
Nancy Douglas 418*
Jean Stegeman 412*
Bill St. Martin 169

*Advance to November General Election

Ward 3 City Council Member
Leon Felch 49**
Donald Hudon 49**
Dennis Klitzke 223*

*Advances to November General Election

**Possible tie-breaker to be determined

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