New trade center to begin at local high school

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — While the need for people with trade skills continues to grow in the U.P., one Copper Country school will be able to offer their students more choice in what they learn.

When students return to Jeffers High School this fall, they are going to have more options as to the courses they take. That’s because this Trade Center will be ready to teach students skills in welding, plumbing, electrical and general building trades.

The school will also be offering cosmetology classes by the second semester. The program will be CTE Certified so the students will be able to transfer credits they earn to many colleges.

Adams Township Schools Superintendent Tim Keteri said, “The kids that take this course, whether college bound or not, will have an option to fall back on. ‘You know what? I enjoyed welding. Maybe I can pursue that at college.’ Or, ‘I enjoyed building. Is there a local construction company that is looking for employees. I have some experience.'”

Construction of the building is around $420,000. The entire project was funded through local donations to the Adams Township School District Foundation.